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yamunaji posted Aug 1 at 11:21 am

I have purchased your app and it is great. I have activated on my one surface and now I would like to activate on other. Is it possible? If yes, let me know the process.


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Hello Admin
First of all congratulations for your wonderfull app and your new job. I love inking and Inkodo is my primary app. Super features and important is the constant update and new features you are using. I use capacitive pen and touchscreen and hence face few problems while inking for which i request few features.

1st) I find it difficult to perform zoom in and out feature or scroll
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Keenan posted Apr 12 at 5:53 am
Great App, I just started using it and I'm really glad I found it.

I'm a little surprised that this hasn't been requested, so I guess I'll be the first to put it in the que.

1) Could you add lockable layers please? I often import an image and add annotations in different colours. (red= notes, green=dimensions, blue=comments, etc...) I then export a few different images to different peopl
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admiwi posted Jun 14 at 11:05 pm
Dear Developers,

would it be possible to implement a feature to swipe within books instead of using the arrows on the top? That would be much more intuitive and comfortable. It is standard in other apps such as drawboard pdf.
Also, is it possible to just open PDFs like in drawboard pdf? that would be much faster than the import function with larger files, which can take a lot of time.
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Brodyface posted Jun 17 at 2:44 pm
I had been working on a project forma long time with both shapes and ink and I was saving as i went along but when i went back to the app all my ink was gone leaving only the shapes and images. I them accepted defeat and went back to redo all my work and it happened again even though i had been saving the page and the popup was coming up to confirm it was saved. I love this app but if im going to
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hello all,

In recent days my friend was planning to have a birthday party on June 15th. And I was going to send a nice gift to her as the celebration of the birthday.

On an afternoon, I chose a gift, but didn’t decide which gift I should buy for her. Then I found there is something like discount called Offers and then I searched the keywords as Ballpoint Stylus Pen, then the bling p
Hello all,

It was my post-graduation ceremony on April 15th and my family came to my university to celebrate that brilliant ceremony. When I spoke on a stage, my family were yelling at me. They felt happier than me.

On that day, my brother sent me a gift. When opening up the box, I was astounded that is not what I dream for. That is a dreamed stylus. Thank you, my brother. That is a real
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dldzhen posted May 18 at 12:17 pm
Hello, Admin!
I'm not good at English, so please understand my mistakes.
First of all, thank you for your efforts. I really satisfied with Inkodo Pro and this app is helping my study more convenient. However, this app would be perfect if it had some extra features. These are my requests.

When I see the pdf file, I prefer to zoom in it. If possible, please add options for pdf quality in
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ea28954b posted Apr 8 at 4:28 pm
Hi there,

I have just purchased the full version of Inkodo in the hope that I might be able to use it to annotate PDF documents. The idea is to have aPDF document on the left-hand side and insert a blank lined page to be displayed on the right-hand side. Viewing both pages on the screen at the same time, I'd be handwriting notes/comments on the second page.

I have been able to import PDF
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jbdreads posted Apr 4 at 5:46 pm
Currently using Inkodo to replace paper. Where can I locate the user manual? How do you use the categories? Everything else is awesome! Thanks in advance for your quick response.

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anil posted Apr 6 at 5:24 pm
This is good app. But if you are loosing pages then it is scary.

These are problems I am facing
(i) Pages updates are lost when I move from pages or books to the editor.
(ii) The order of the pages in the books changes.
(iii) App crashes when I try to add pages.
(iv) The books and pages are very unstable.
(v) moving from page to page is very laggy.
(vi) After changing th
recent by anil  ·  Apr 6 at 10:05 pm
digitalchkn posted Mar 30 at 6:13 am
Great tool. Using it all the time!

A few usability suggestions, maybe these have already been suggested.

When pasting copies of ink it would be very nice to select the location where these get pasted. Right now have I to find blank space on the page to avoid placing on top of existing strokes.

I'm using desktop with a tablet. It would be super nice to be able to pan on the page using
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Tanoyto posted Mar 15 at 6:25 pm
Is it possible to import a pdf to the programm and change the white colour(whiteboard) of the pdf to a grid Paper, to write better with the pen?

recent by admin  ·  Apr 4 at 8:32 pm
When the zoom scale is small, the scrolling by finger touch is not smooth, resulting in the page shaking up and down. This issue becomes worse as you zoom out smaller, being moderate in bigger zoom scales.

The problem seems to become easily noticeable under around 100%, but there is no clear "threshold" zoom value, since there is still a little shaking in around 180% though it is not much of
Hi Giu!

For some time, you enabled a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-something) that allowed to delete strokes without needing to select the rubber tool. I had used it and found it very convenient, but this feature has disappeared in your latest versions. Could you bring it back?

Apart from this, here's my proposal for two new features that could be interesting:

1.- The possibility of drawing
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SomeGuy posted Feb 12 at 3:30 pm
Would it be possible to improve the undo button so that it acts on all actions rather than just ink? I often find myself accidentally rubbing lines out or moving something (or pasting) over an object an unable to go back and undo this, so I either have to go through extensive re-attempts at parts or scrapping the page entirely, which is quite a shame. A good example I can find of this feature is
luso13 posted Oct 28 '17 at 10:30 am
To be able to associate a set of pages on a book is a great existing feature. I have been using Inkodo extensively and it is a great tool. The Import PDF PRO feature is excellent.

Overtime, I have a large number of books that makes it difficult to manage them. It would be a great feature to be able to group books under a "shelf" like concept (a sort of a super book).

For example i
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mac posted Jan 6 at 11:51 pm
Hi Giu,

first of all, nice App. One question though: is it possible to change the proposed apps or to add one app (for example libre office) when handwriting Handwriting recognition is done? On the other hand it would be nice to add a second button to "export" the raw text to an office app for further editing or layout. My intention is to write my notes for protokol which need further layout
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run_T_C posted Dec 27 '17 at 6:15 pm
Great App!

any thoughts on adding Password protect features? As a note taking/ Journal app it is good to be have this ability for some books.

Thank you for this nifty app, which has the potential to be a killer app for the Surface Pro & other tablets.

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nolan posted Nov 12 '17 at 1:51 pm
hi i tried to purchase but didnt succeed

Can you help`?

Further, i cant make the app default for editing pdf files, is that not possible ?


recent by nolan  ·  Dec 27 '17 at 9:15 pm
marceljorba posted Nov 1 '17 at 5:38 pm
Hi Giu,

I think I have detected a new bug in your latest version of Inkodo:

When you change the pen color using "favorites" in the color wheel, the pen color just doesn't change.


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luso13 posted Oct 28 '17 at 10:21 am
Since my Surface updated to Fall Creators update I cannot sync with One drive. Everytime I try it appears a message "An unexpected error preventes the synchronization from working properly". I did what it says in the user guide (delete OneDrive/Apps/Inkodo) but the problem persists (the Inkodo directory is created but there are no contents inside).
Help is welcome.
Thank you.
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stefano posted Nov 10 '17 at 8:48 am
I have some problems and suggestions:

1) When I copy and paste text the result will appear on the top left of the screen and if there content behind it I cant move it whitout messing the notes.

2) When I try to sync one note I get this error: "An unexpected error improperly blocks the synchronization function"

3) Would be great to have multiple pens for different colors or sizes.
recent by stefano  ·  Nov 12 '17 at 9:31 am
brkerez posted Nov 10 '17 at 9:03 am
I'm not able to set title and any additional info for my inks cause additional info button is not present in bottom toolbar. It was present for some inks I created, but now it's gone so I can't set titles etc

I'm attaching the screen - additional info button is missing.

recent by admin  ·  Nov 10 '17 at 7:52 pm
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